Posted by: Mofie Augustine | October 3, 2007

N.U.B.E Ipoh picket in Maybank.

Being a National Union of Bank Employee’s member Ipoh branch I and fellow member’s were protesting against Maybank in front of MBB Jln Sultan Idris Shah, Ipoh on 01.10.2007. The picket campaign was going on since last week. Support N.U.B.E. We want 30% salary increment and we don’t want the Bank to ROB our 2 month’s BONUS!

All for ONE and ONE for All. Together we stand N.U.B.E member’s all over Malaysia.

P/S: Video is provided by Nokia N73 owned by my friend Rosdi Ahmad. Thanks so much!



  1. […] at Maybank Pudu Raya was the biggest so far. Earlier picket had been held in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh, and other […]

  2. penat sajale buat piket macamana pun still tak dapat lagi malah ada yg kena tindakan tatatertib,selagi dibawah kita takde hak bersuara

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