Posted by: Mofie Augustine | December 3, 2007

LIMA 2007 : Three paratroopers dead in airshow accident

News related to LIMA 2007 from Malaysiakini

Three paratroopers drowned and five were injured during a training exercise for an airshow on the resort island of Langkawi on Sunday, the air force said.

The victims were among 138 paratroopers practising a mock “seizure” of Langkawi’s airport planned for the airshow’s opening ceremony on Tuesday, when strong winds blew them off course and out to sea.

“Due to the uncertainty of the wind some of the jumpers were out of range from the proposed landing point so the search and rescue team was activated,” said Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) spokesman Zulkiflee Abdul Latiff.

“All were rescued except the three who died and the five injured,” he told AFP, adding that they had been supposed to land on the airfield.

The state news agency Bernama said the bodies were taken to Langkawi hospital which was guarded by military personnel.

The Langkawi International Maritime and Airspace (LIMA) 2007 will still go on as per scheduled from 4th to 8th of December 2007 despite the tragedy said the organizers.



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